MP102 Carbon GT Chassis.

Our new carbon chassis is now available,as displayed at Autosport International 2017, and the first example is currently being assembled into a GT car with Lotus 300RR suspension. It is also being adopted in new high performance road and race car projects by other manufacturers. We also offer our special version of the Lotus Elise suspension as shown in the photos.

Pilbeam MP102 Carbon GT Chassis at Autosport International 2017Pilbeam MP102 Carbon GT Chassis at Autosport International 2017

The MP102 can also be built with rocker inboard suspension and would make the perfect basis for an ultimate high performance road or race car. A further option is as the basis for your own GT race or road car with your design of body and suspension. We are happy to supply a chassis only and we can even tailor the strength and stiffness if you need an even stiffer chassis for a modest increase in weight.

The chassis can accept either transverse or in-line engine installation. Full FEA study has been carried out to establish optimum strength and stiffness.

Notably the MP102 carbon chassis is half the weight of the Elise aluminium chassis: Weight is 45 Kg with torsional stiffness of 17,000 N-M /degree. This balance of stiffness, weight and strength is calculated to ensure that the handling gives fantastic performance.

As well as the more common torsional stiffness criteria we have made a careful study of other important stiffness factors which are often ignored and which we have found to make a massive difference to performance.

Of course we have also looked carefully at performance in an impact  to ensure optimum security for driver and passenger.

Call us on +44 (0)1778 424838 to find out more, together with pricing options - cost is reduced if more chassis are required. The options referred to can be made to suit your wishes.

Pilbeam MP102 Carbon GT ChassisPilbeam Carbon GT subframe

To match the strength and stiffness of the Pilbeam GT chassis we have also produced a subframe to carry the rear suspension as well as the engine and gearbox. It has been specially built for the very special Lotus 300RR GT racer we have manufactured for Valerio Osler with its 1000HP in-line V8 engine.