Pilbeam Racing Designs has a close working relationship with Lotus. Mike Pilbeam worked for Lotus F1 and has kept an active communication open ever since. We often provide consultancy work for Lotus, which gives us a unique understanding of the current models. This enables us to create our own improved suspension and uprights, which seamlessly converts Lotus models into Racecars.

Exige and Elise Upgrade Kits:

Pilbeam can provide a comprehensive upgrade for your Lotus road car, converting it to a Racecar. The modifications keep the car road legal but greatly improve the cars handling, reducing weight and allowing for camber and toe changes. Pilbeam's extensive knowledge of the Lotus Exige and Elise chassis allows us to accommodate your requirements, whatever they are. The standard package includes hubs, uprights, wishbones and a full AP braking system. The kit is continuously updated.

Full Details of the are available on our specific Elise/Exige Upgrade Kits website.

On the way to the overall victory in the 2005 Mederka 12 Hours in Malaysia

Lotus NGT (photo above):

Impressed with our upgrade kits, Lotus asked Pilbeam Racing Designs to create a Motorsport Elise for a customer in Malaysia. This has the Lotus designation of the 'S2 Motorsport Elise'. A new Subframe was designed to house the V6 Opel with a Hewland racing gearbox. New wishbones, uprights and brakes were fabricated bringing the car down to around 850 kilos.

An outright victory in the 2005 Mederka 12 Hours at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia proved the package was a success.

Lotus GT3 - MP96 (photos above and below):

Lotus came to Pilbeam in 2006 with the task of designing the suspension for their new concept race car. The lotus build was monitored closely and the Hubs and Brakes supplied. Three cars were built, which competed in the British GT championship, wining the constructors championship at the first try. The Lotus Sport Cadena senior build engineer, now works for Pilbeam on all of our Lotus projects. Pilbeam continue to support the GT3 cars, allowing the cars to continue racing in Australia and the Netherlands.