Over 20 British Hillclimb titles - the fastest way up a hill is in a Pilbeam

Pilbeam MP97 Prescott Hill Climb
photo copyright © Rick Wilson, www.rickwilsonphotography.co.uk

The MP97 is one of the latest in a very successful series of cars to be purpose built for speed events, covering Hillclimbs and Sprints, and takes advantage of many years accrued experience and development in this field, combined with advances using the latest technology available and building on the previous success.

Pilbeam MP88
photo copyright © Rick Wilson, www.rickwilsonphotography.co.uk

The Pilbeam MP88 (above) and its predecessor, the MP87 (below), are earlier designs and there are still many of these being campaigned on the hills with great success.

Pilbeam MP87
photo copyright © Rick Wilson, www.rickwilsonphotography.co.uk

The basis of the car is our established carbon chassis optimised for speed event use, whose requirements are such that circuit racing tubs force too many constraints on the designer. The tub has been designed for use with structural engines and will take Formula 1 engines from manufacturers Cosworth and Judd, allied to a Hewland FGC gearbox. The latter is modifed to handle the high loads imposed from repeated standing starts with a 600+ Bhp car. The carbon composite construction allows complex exterior profiles to be attained with ease to utilise the latest advances in racing car aerodynamics.

Pilbeam carbon fibre single seater tub

To help the driver get the most from the car the survival cell features highly developed ergonomics, comfort and excellent visibility whilst maintaining and developing side and longitudenal impact protection.

Aero Pack: A new prepreg carbon floor together with carbon front and rear wings have been designed to make best use of the regulations. The whole package of aero parts is very much conceived and designed as an integral whole, each part working to complement the overall performance.

Suspension: Our existing design philosophy has been continued and improved to give a stiffer, lighter and better balanced package. Experience gained in other fields has also been used in the design for use with radial tyres. The MP88 was the first car designed specifically to exploit radial tyres in the hillclimb environment but experience with, for instance, our Le Mans car has also proved valuable.